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Term of Use

These Terms of Use (hereafter referred to as “these terms”) establish usage conditions for the service that 4awalk (hereafter referred to as “our organization”) provides through our website (hereafter referred to as “the service”). We invite all users (hereafter referred to as “users”) to follow these terms when using the service. Users of the service agree to these terms when utilizing the service.


Article 1    Service Content


The content of the service consists of the following:

(1) Posting/viewing of information related to world heritage, cultural heritage, war heritage, industrial heritage and natural heritage.

(2) Search of information mentioned in the previous item and information based on information that our organization receives from users.


Article 2    Definitions


•Item 1    ”User" is a general term for registered users and guest users.

•Item 2    “Registered User” indicates an individual or corporation that has applied for usage registration in accordance with methods established by our organization and has completed registration through approval by our organization.

•Item 3    ”Guest User” indicates an individual or corporation that is able to utilize the service without conducting predetermined registration.


Article 3    Application


These terms apply to all relationships between users and our organization pertaining to use of the service (including media operated by our organization such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, newsletters, etc.).


Article 4    Usage Registration


•Item 1    Usage registration is deemed complete when an applicant has applied for usage registration in accordance with methods established by our organization and said registration has been approved by our organization.

•Item 2    Our organization may refuse approval of applications for usage registration if we determine that any of the following apply to the applicant:

(1) If false information has been entered on an application for registration.

(2) If the application is from an individual in violation of these terms.

(3) If registration has been suspended in the past.

(4) If registration is applied for by a minor, an adult ward, a person under curatorship, or person under assistance without the consent of the legal representative, guardian, or curator.

(5) If our organization deems that registration is by antisocial forces (which refers to gangs, gangsters, right-wing organizations, or other individuals or entities involved in antisocial forces) or has any dealings or involvement with antisocial forces involving cooperation in the support, operation, or management of antisocial forces through financial support or other means.

(6) If our organization otherwise deems that there is good reason to refuse approval of the registration.


Article 5    Management of User IDs and Passwords


•Item 1    Registered users are responsible for managing their own user IDs and passwords utilized in the service.

•Item 2    Under no circumstances may a registered user transfer or lend a user ID or password to any third-party. Once login has occurred through the combination of corresponding user ID and password, it is deemed by our organization to be usage by the registered individual/entity of that user ID.

•Item 3    If a registered user discovers that a user ID or password has been divulged to a third-party or harbors suspicion that a user ID or password is being used by a third-party, the user must immediately report the circumstances to our organization and follow the instructions given by our organization. In such circumstances, our organization may disable the user ID or password.

•Item 4    The registered user shall bear the responsibility for any loss or damage caused by inadequate management or misuse of user IDs and passwords. Our organization does not assume any responsibility for said loss or damage.


Article 6    Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations


Users may not offer as collateral or transfer to any third-party the rights or duties based on these terms, or status based on the usage agreement, without the prior written approval of our organization.


Article 7    Prohibitions


•Item 1    Users may not engage in the following acts when using the service.

(1) Acts that violate the law, public order, or standards of decency.

(2) Acts relating to criminal behavior.

(3) Unauthorized use of the facilities of our organization, other users, or other third-parties, or acts that hinder operation of the same.

(4) Acts that transmit or provide harmful computer programs, email, etc. or acts that recommend the same.

(5) Impersonation of other users.

(6) Use of the service to directly or indirectly benefit antisocial forces.

(7) Acts that infringe on the intellectual property rights, rights of likeness, privacy, honor, or other rights or interests of our organization, other users of the service, or third parties.

(8) Acts that display excessively violent expressions, explicit sexual expressions, expressions of discrimination based on race, nationality, faith, gender, social status, lineage,, expressions that induce or assist suicidal acts, self-injury, drug abuse, or other expressions that cause discomfort to others including content of an anti-social nature.

(9) Acts for the purpose of sales, publicity, advertising, solicitation, or other commercialization (excluding those approved by our organization), acts for the purpose of sexual or indecent activities, acts for the purpose of meeting or companionship with unacquainted members of the opposite sex, acts for the purpose of engendering hate or mental abuse toward other customers, or acts that otherwise differ from the usage purpose for which the service was designed.

(10) Other acts that our organization deems inappropriate.

Item 2   In the event that our organization suffers harm by a user committing an act commensurate with any one of the foregoing items, our organization may seek compensatory damages from that user.


Article 8    Notifications or Contact


Notifications or contact between users and our organization shall be conducted by the means established by our organization.


Article 9    Notifications of Revisions, Etc.


In the event of changes in information provided by the user at the time of registration application, the user shall without delay report the changes by the procedure specified by our organization.


Article 10    Personal Information


Our organization may use personal information provided by users within the scope necessary for provision of the service and within the scope of purposes established by our organization's privacy policy. Users agree to our organization’s handling, in accordance with the privacy policy, of personal information provided by users.


Article 11    Termination of Registration and Denial of Access


•Item 1    If a registered user wishes to terminate registration, the registration can be terminated by completing procedures specified by our organization. However, termination of registration does not release the user from debt obligations arising from use of the service.

•Item 2    In the event that our organization deems that any of the following items are applicable, our organization may terminate the registration of the user for which the item applies:

(1) If hindrance to the provision of our service arises due to erroneous user registration information, user access environment, etc.

(2) If the user is in violation of any of the provisions in these terms.

(3) If false items are found in registration information.

(4) If the service has not been used for at least one year.

(5) If 30 days or more have passed with no reply to contact from our organization requesting information or other response.

(6) If any of the items in Article 4 Item 2 apply.

(7) If our organization otherwise deems that inappropriate use of the service has taken place.

•Item 3    If any of the foregoing items apply, the user shall immediately forfeit any benefit of time with regard to debt owed to our organization, and at such time must immediately make full payment of all debt incurred.

•Item 4    Our organization shall not bear any responsibility for loss or damage to any user arising from actions conducted by our organization based on this article.


Article 12    Modifications, Additions, and Phasing Out of Service Content


According to our judgment, our organization may appropriately revise, add, or phase out service content and shall not bear any responsibility for loss or damage to any user for so doing.


Article 13    Termination of Provision of the Service


In the event that our organization determines that any of the following items apply, our organization may terminate or discontinue all or part of provision of the service without prior notice to users and shall not bear any responsibility for loss or damage to any user or third-party for said termination or discontinuation.

(1) When conducting maintenance or updating computer systems related to the service.

(2) In the event that provision of service becomes difficult due to force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning, fire, power outage, natural disasters, etc.

(3) In the event of termination caused by trouble with computers, transmission lines, etc.

(4) If our organization otherwise deems it difficult to provide the service.


Article 14    Denial of Guarantee and Disclaimer        


•Item 1    The service is instituted to provide search and access of information pertaining to world heritage, cultural heritage, war heritage, industrial heritage and natural heritage and is not intended as professional support or inducement to invest in any specific heritage. Our organization and our information providers assume no responsibility for any damages incurred based on said information.

•Item 2    Our organization bears no responsibility for any trouble arising between users or third parties in relation to this service. Resolution shall be the responsibility of said user(s).

•Item 3    Our organization bears no responsibility for loss or damage to other users or third parties caused by information disclosed by users. Resolution shall be the responsibility of said user(s).

•Item 4    Our organization makes no implicit or explicit guarantee that the service is void of factual or legal defects (including defects pertaining to safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, efficacy, applicability to a specific purpose, security, etc. or errors, bugs, computer viruses, rights infringement, etc.).

•Item 5    Our organization assumes no responsibility for any damages incurred to users arising from the service. However, this exemption shall not apply if the agreement pertaining to the service between our organization and a user (including these terms) results in a consumer contract as set forth in the Consumer Contract Act.

•Item 6    Of damages incurred by users through default or illegal actions by our organization as  a result of our organization's negligence (with the exception of gross negligence), our organization bears no responsibility for damage arising from special circumstances (including damages that have been foreseen or foreseeable by our organization or users), including circumstances detailed in the previous item. Furthermore, compensation for damages incurred by users resulting from default or illegal actions caused by the negligence of our organization (with the exception of gross negligence) shall be limited to the total amount that the user has paid to our organization for the service, and our organization shall not bear responsibility for compensation beyond this amount. 


Article 15    Copyrights


•Item 1    Users shall utilize and may only post or edit information such as descriptions, images, and videos for which they hold the necessary intellectual property rights (including copyrights), or for which they have the required permission from rights holders.

•Item 2    Copyrights for the descriptions, images, and videos posted or edited by users utilizing the service shall be retained by said user or other holder(s) of existing copyrights. However, our organization may utilize descriptions, images, and videos posted or edited through the use of our service, and users shall not exercise the moral rights of authors regarding this usage.

•Item 3    Except for the provisions established in the previous item, all copyrights and intellectual property rights for all information pertaining to the service (including logos) belongs to our organization or the rights holder permitting use by our organization, and may not be reproduced, transferred, lent, translated, revised, reprinted, publicly transmitted (including preparation for transmission), sent, distributed, published, or used for business without permission. If an act has been discovered that infringes said copyright or other intellectual property rights, our organization shall take appropriate measures in strict accordance with the law.


Article 16    Revisions to Terms of Use


When deemed necessary, our organization may revise these terms at any time without notice to users.


Article 17    Governing Law and Jurisdiction


The laws of Japan shall be the governing law for the interpretation of these terms.

The Tokyo District Court shall retain exclusive jurisdiction in the event of disputes pertaining to the service


End of Terms
Enacted on November 1, 2018