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Currently this website is a beta version, so we are restricting sign-in. Only special users can sign in. Please wait as we will release it after official version.


1. How to Sign In


(1) Go to the following site. Enter the email address and press the [send] button.




[Temporary registration is completed. Please confirm that you sent a confirmation email.]


Confirm that the above is displayed on the screen and confirm the registered email.


(2) Click the link on the mail.


(3) Enter the password and press the [send] button.


[E-mail authentication is completed. We will send you an email as soon as the administrator's authentication is completed. ]


Confirm that the above is displayed.


(4) Wait for the administrator's authentication. (It will be completed within a few days.)


(5) A mail is sent after the authentication is completed.


(6) Login is possible from the following address.





2. How to Log In


Go to the following site.

Enter the registered email address and password, then press the [send] button.